Tradeshow Dictionary by CM Displays

Aluminum - Key component in the majority of Custom modular display. Lightweight and versatile aluminum covers far more range than wood or other materials.

Bannerstand (AKA Roll ups) - Comes in variety of sizes (8”- 6ft). Can be offered in Non-retractable and retractable. Graphic options include tension fabric (dye sub), Photographic, Direct to Substrate using a non-curl vinyl. Whether is be at a conference, trade show or POS a Bannerstand is never out of place. Versatile, portable and inexpensive a banner stand can make a nice addition to your hardware inventory.

Case - The most underrated component of a traveling tradeshow display. Due to the fact that 95% of the damage that occurs to tradeshow units occurs during transit, It is vital that display hardware is protected during shipping. Conference- A meeting of people over a specific topic at central venue. Great for one on one interaction. Traditionally, conferences are in smaller venues than tradeshows and run for a shorter period of time. With small venues and small spaces comes the need for portable displays. banner stands, 10x10 pop ups are recommended.

Counter - A great compliment to your booth. Can be the focal point for person to person interaction. Creates a comfortable environment for demonstrations and presentations. A tool for lead generation, counters can be used as displays and/or the stocking of giveaways/literature. Please visit our counter section today.

Curve Wall - Refers to a design of a tradeshow display. Whether it be Pop up or custom modular.

Custom Modular - Step up from the pop-up. Going custom while remaining portable. Offers range and versatility while incorporating your requirements. Please see our custom modular section.

Dimensions - Refers to the size of your tradeshow display.

Dismantle - The taking down of your display. Marks the end of a show. Please ask about our labour services.

Display - Whether it be for a conference or a tradeshow display the item that showcases your message.

Dye-Sub - The digital process of printing onto fabric via thermal printhead.

Fabric - Light weight and custom Fabric has leaped onto the Tradeshow Display scene. Comes Polyknit, Polylycra, Softknit, Tri-fab and Sheer.

Flooring - Can either be rented from Show services or be your own. Custom flooring is a great addition to any Tradeshow booth. Varieties can include carpet, tiles or laminate. Tiles are great way to look professional but keep your flooring system portable. Please see our flooring section.

Foundation (Custom Pop-up) - Bring life your Nomadic pop up tradeshow display. Make your pop up truly custom with the addition of counter, bases, headers and much more

Graphics - Graphics are the median for your message and your brand. Who you are and what you do. Supported by a multitude of hardware and comes in range of types Photographic, Inkjet, Direct to Substrate or Fabric.

Hanging Sign - An object that operates over top of your tradeshow booth. Custom and highly portable. Very useful for growing your footprint at a show. No longer be restricted by your aisle location. Go vertical! Please see our Hanging sign section.

Inkjet - Becoming a staple for print production in the Tradeshow business. Long been popular due to its efficient production process. Can come in Opaque, Gloss or Backlit.

Lifetime Warranty - The principle foundation of CM Displays. We stand behind all of our products. Lifetime manufacturers warranty can be found on the vast majority of the products we carry. Please ask about the Life Time “No Questions Asked” Warranty covered by some of our products.

Lighting - Give your booth life. Nothing will bring out a booth more than proper lighting. Whether it be universal, canopy, pot or ground lighting brings out the best in your booth.

Material Handling - A surcharge placed on your tradeshow items by show service providers. Commonly based on weight. A charge they can quickly eat up your operating budget. Ways around this are by operating a booth that is lightweight and portable.

Nomadic Display - “Perhaps best known for inventing pop-up technology over thirty years ago, today we help businesses like yours produce dynamic selling environments that maximize their face-to-face marketing programs. We blend custom built style with the savings benefits of lighter weight to help you dramatically reduce your operational and ownership costs”.

CM Displays has been a Nomadic Distributor for 22 years and remains its service and sales hub for Southern Ontario and Toronto.

Photographic Panel - Printing process of Graphic Panels for variety of displays. A process that has been around for a long time but continues to be popular due to continuous tone and unprecedented image quality.

Pop-up Display - The term to describe the majority of Tradeshow booths on the market. Instand and Plus systems provided the foundation and have maintained the benchmark for pop up displays. Can display a range of graphics including fabric, burfab, photographic and inkjet panels. Highly custom and highly portable they have and will continue to be the core booth structures of the exhibiting industry.

Rental - Booth rentals are becoming a popular method tin ensuring a cost effective way to present your message at a show or conference. While remaining custom and fulfilling your needs it eliminates a one time purchase cost along with other requirements of having a booth (storage, maintenance etc)

Tradeshow display (Tradeshow Booth) - The structure or entity that displays your brand or message at a Tradeshow event.